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Pavement Repair Options in Federal Way WA

When property owners find themselves with a worn parking lot or a roadway with potholes, they can be curious about what the best pavement repair options are. The first key to getting the best asphalt repair is to contract with a trusted local paving company.

Statewide Parking Lot Service Inc: Federal Way WA’s Pavement Repair Experts

At Statewide Parking Lot Service Inc, we’re proud to serve communities like Federal Way WA with the most effective asphalt repair solutions available today. We work hard to stay abreast of all advancements in paving technology and always offer our valued local customers these cutting-edge paving processes. Let’s look into how they work.

Our Guide to Pavement Repair Options in Federal Way WA

Repairs for Minor Pavement Damage

  • Crack sealing uses asphalt binders to fill in and seal over pavement cracks that are under 1-2 inches deep and less than 3/4 inch wide.
  • Slurry sealing is a thick asphalt emulsion with fine aggregates applied over the whole surface to correct minor surface imperfections.

Pavement Repair Options for Full Depth Asphalt Damage

  • Asphalt patching fixes only the damaged sections of pavement down to the base layer for a permanent pavement repair at a fraction of the cost of repaving.
  • Asphalt milling and resurfacing removes damaged pavement completely and allows your trusted paving contractors to replace it with brand new asphalt.

Preventative Pavement Maintenance Services

There are also ways to prevent damage to your pavement to avoid expensive asphalt repairs in the future, including:

  • Asphalt sealcoating both seals minor cracks and provides a physical barrier to water and sun damage to prolong the life of asphalt pavement.
  • Regular pavement sweeping and cleaning helps keep debris, chemicals, and water from soaking into pavement and causing deterioration.

Do you need the best pavement repair options around Federal Way WA? Statewide Parking Lot Service Inc is proud to help! Contact us right away!

Pavement Maintenance Budgeting for Bremerton WA Property Managers

The main goal of property managers is to keep things looking good all over the property, and that includes pavement. That’s why its so important to craft a pavement maintenance plan, which unfortunately requires budgeting. This can be frustrating if you don’t know what pavement maintenance services are necessary and what they might cost, but your local paving company can help.

In Bremerton WA, Statewide Parking Lot Service is the trusted local paving company with state of the art asphalt maintenance services developed over 35 years. They’re dedicated to local commercial property owners and are happy to consult with property managers about their pavement assets.

Pavement Maintenance Budgeting for Bremerton WA Property Managers

Regular Pavement Inspections Are Important

In order to get the most cost effective pavement maintenance services, you need to understand the condition of your asphalt. When performing visual inspections of your pavement, you want to look for:

  • Standing water on asphalt
  • The color of the asphalt
  • Condition of pavement markings
  • Potholes or area of crumbling asphalt
  • Cracks and whether they connect

The Results of the Visual Inspection

  • Water can damage pavement, so you’ll need to make sure the pavement is waterproof and properly graded.
  • Gray or light colored pavement is beginning to deteriorate, and asphalt sealcoating is a good services to combat that.
  • Faded pavement markings are dangerous, and parking lot line striping services can refresh them.
  • Pothole repairs and crack filling services should be performed as soon as you notice this damage before they get worse.

Now It’s Time for Budgeting!

Once you have an idea of what you might need, contact your trusted local paving company to discuss the pricing associated with these pavement maintenance services. Asphalt experts know how to preserve your commercial pavement with cost effective asphalt maintenance services.

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Why Repair Your Asphalt in a Timely Manner in Lynnwood WA

Asphalt repair is an expense most property managers or business owners don’t want to deal with because it means their commercial pavement isn’t at its best, but getting parking lot damage fixed in a timely manner is vital to the upkeep of your commercial property.

Why Repair Your Asphalt in a Timely Manner

Pavement Creates Curb Appeal

Asphalt damage like potholes and cracks are not only unsightly, they make your commercial property look neglected and cheap. You don’t want potential customers or tenants thinking that, do you? Then keep your parking lot looking good with regular pavement maintenance and repair services.

Your Parking Lot Keeps Visitors Safe

A smooth, even parking lot and sidewalks are key to keeping both customers and employees safe. Potholes can cause vehicle accidents, and broken concrete walkways can cause pedestrian accidents. Faded parking lines and pavement markings can cause improper parking and fender-benders when visitors can’t see where to drive or park.

Early Asphalt Repairs Save You Money

Just like with home repair, fixing things early saves you money on major repairs later on. When you get crack filling services when cracks are shallow, they won’t get worse and cause problems like shifting and potholes which can be more expensive to permanently fix. Cracks and surface deterioration also lead to water penetration, which worsens damage.

Contact the Lynnwood WA Asphalt Repair Experts, Statewide Parking Lot Service Inc

With over 35 years experience in paving, Statewide Parking Lot Service Inc, Lynnwood WA’s most reputable commercial paving company, can target specific causes of pavement damage to get your parking lot back to full function without interrupting your business for days on end.

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