Parking Lot Paving

The parking lot is the single most important part of a commercial property, and it needs the highest quality paving services to remain inviting and safe for potential customers.

Statewide Parking Lot Service, Your Trusted Paving Professionals in Seattle WA

Parking lots are right in our name! We have over 35 years of professional parking lot paving experience in Washington and Oregon, so our professional paving contractors can build your commercial pavement from the ground up, repair your asphalt, or help you maintain the beauty and safety of your parking lot, walkways, or industrial pavement.

Keys to Exceptional Parking Lot Paving 

Here are some ways to ensure that your commercial pavement is durable, beautiful, safe, and cost-effective for your business.

Start with Quality Parking Lot Installation

The process of creating a safe and durable parking lot requires quality workmanship in paving and attention to detail, and it involves:

  1. Starting with a thorough site inspection, detailed estimate, and consultation with property managers or business owners to make the parking lot installation go as smoothly as possible.
  2. Installing a stable base layer made of crushed rocks, gravel, or recycled asphalt that is thick enough to match the weight of vehicles and amount of traffic.
  3. Pouring only the highest grade asphalt in layers to create a solid pavement, then finishing the asphalt layers with compacting and smoothing techniques.
  4. Installing any concrete constructions needed, including curbs, bollards, walkways, entryways, aprons, ramps, and parking bumpers.
  5. Finishing the parking lot with a protective sealcoat and high visibility, durable traffic paint that includes handicapped parking symbols, arrows, numbers, letters, or any designs our customers need.

Maintain Your Parking Lot with Asphalt Repair & Maintenance

Keeping your asphalt pavement healthy is an important aspect of maintaining commercial property values. When your parking lot suffers damage, reputable contractors can help with services like:

  • Line Striping – Re-painting curbs and parking lines when they’re faded
  • Crack Filling – Sealing over pavement cracks to prevent more damage
  • Asphalt Resurfacing – Replacing the top layers of asphalt extends pavement life
  • Sealcoating – Protecting pavement from wear, oxidation, and UV rays

Develop a Relationship with a Reputable Parking Lot Paving Company

In and around Seattle WA, Statewide Parking Lot Service is the most trusted paving company for commercial property owners because we complete all paving work to the highest standards, within timelines, and under budget.

If your Seattle Washington area parking lot needs some love, contact Statewide Parking Lot Service today!