Cement Services & Repair

Cement Services and Repair

Statewide self-performs all aspects of forming, placing, and finishing concrete.

Concrete restoration can really make your curbs, patios, and walkways more pleasing to look at. It is easy, convenient and cheaper than replacing a surface. However, in the most extreme cases, complete replacement is the only way restore.  Whether it is placing a 10,000 SF slab or just repairing curbs, Statewide caters to your needs. Concrete is a vital part of parking lot and paving construction.

Valley Gutter

A valley gutter is a section of concrete that is used to channel water to a drainage point. Poor drainage and/or ponding of water can lead to accelerated pavement deterioration. Valley gutters help with rainwater as well as irrigation runoff.

Dumpster Approach and Mat

A concrete slab is recommended for the approach as well as a mat for the dumpster to rest on. Typically, an asphalt parking lot is not designed for and may not withstand the stress and load of the trucks. Concrete is a stronger material and can sustain a much higher load capacity.


The most common curbs are used to separate pavement or parking lot areas from landscaped areas and sidewalks. Just like any other parking lot product, curbs sometimes do get bumped or naturally deteriorate. Statewide repairs existing curbs and places new curbs with respect to specification details.


Asphalt or concrete, depending on the purpose, ramps are important for disabilities, code, deliverables and receivables.


Sidewalks are important for pedestrian safety and marking clear paths to and from any given areas. Statewide repairs and installs any sidewalk that serves pedestrians and/or vehicles.

Utility Aprons

It may be recommended or required that manhole, water, and sewer covers have a concrete apron. This rigid pavement provides a secure support around the manhole or water valve cover. This also prevents flexible pavement from overlapping and creeping over the covers.

Entrance Ways

The entrances of parking lots are exposed to a high volume of traffic. This is a common area where asphalt failing occurs. A concrete entrance way provides strength against the lateral shear of vehicles turning in and out of the way.

Wheel Stops/ Parking Blocks

Wheel Stops/ Parking Blocks are designed to protect vehicles against hitting curbs and or other vehicles. Statewide replaces a variety of old and cracked wheel stops as well as installs for new construction.