Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is all around us on highways, roads, and parking lots, but most property owners don’t understand how asphalt paving services can improve their curb appeal and safety. To get the best results, you need the best asphalt paving company in your local area.

For communities around Seattle Washington, Statewide Parking Lot Service Inc is the most experienced and reputable asphalt paving company. We can help local property owners with everything from asphalt pavement installation to extensive asphalt repairs.

Asphalt Paving 101 for Washington Property Owners 

Why Choose Asphalt Pavement

  • Durability – Asphalt is meant to last for decades, and it’s constructed in several layers to end up with a pavement that can stand up to years and years of vehicle traffic.
  • Cost Efficient – This is one of the most economical types of pavement to install, especially when its long life is taken into account.
  • Eco-Friendly – Asphalt is also 100% recyclable! This makes it friendly for the earth as well as contributes to low costs.
  • Safety – Because of its durability and flexibility, asphalt is one of the safest pavements out there, providing superior traction and reducing soil erosion.

The Asphalt Paving Process

  • Site Preparation – First the land needs to be graded and compacted to provide a properly draining surface for asphalt paving.
  • Sub Base Installation – The base layer is made up of gravel and rocks, and it’s compacted for superior stability.
  • Asphalt Layers – Different types of asphalt with larger and smaller aggregates are mixed, then poured in at least two layers to complete the asphalt paving process.
  • Surface Treatments – The top layer of asphalt needs to be smoothed and compacted to finish the asphalt installation. A sealcoating can be added to protect the pavement surface.
  • Parking Lot Services – Finally, to create parking lots or commercial pavement like loading zones, your trusted asphalt paving company can paint the asphalt pavement with reflective, durable traffic paint to create parking stalls, lanes, and other pavement symbols.

Asphalt Repair Options

When asphalt breaks down, the most reputable local asphalt paving company in your local area has lots of repair options to correct pavement problems.

  • Crack Filling
  • Asphalt Patching
  • Milling & Resurfacing
  • Overlays
  • Sealcoating

Statewide Parking Lot Service: Exceptional Asphalt Paving in Seattle WA

Need a beautiful parking lot or driveway in the greater Seattle Washington area? Statewide Parking Lot Service Inc has the experience, integrity, workmanship, and dedication to bring you the best in asphalt paving.

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