Now Serving Bellevue, WA for all your Parking Lot Service Needs

At Statewide Parking Lot Services, we pride ourselves on providing consistent service as we expand into new areas like Bellevue. For 37 years, Statewide Parking Lot Services has been Washington’s first choice when it comes to parking lot services. From striping and concrete sealing to crack repair, our reputation for getting the job done right the first time makes us a favorite among local businesses. We are happy to announce that these same great services, including our leading concrete sealing offers, are now available throughout Bellevue. Using a mixture of water, emulsified asphalt, mineral fillers and more, our effective concrete sealing provides at least three to four years worth of crack prevention, even in Bellevue’s wet weather.

Whether you need to have your parking lot sealed or just want a nice, smooth driveway installed for your home in Bellevue, Statewide Parking Lot Services can get the job done for you. Contact us today or call us for an estimate at (253) 630-1956.