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Asphalt Parking Lot Paving for Business in Silverdale WA

At Statewide Parking Lot Services, we provide top-quality commercial asphalt paving solutions tailored to the needs of Silverdale, WA businesses. Recently, a local Best Buy store faced a crucial need for professional parking lot paving. They found us through our longstanding relationship and trusted us because of our reputation for quality pavement installation in the area.

Expert Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Solutions in Silverdale, WA

Working closely with the property owner, we swiftly assessed the site. We identified the challenges: the urgent necessity for a durable and well-constructed parking lot to accommodate the store’s anticipated traffic. Leveraging our extensive experience in the industry, we proposed a comprehensive asphalt paving service for commercial properties.

The parking lot paving project began with careful soil grading and compaction to optimize drainage. We then laid a robust foundation made from aggregates, crushed concrete, and gravel and carefully compacted and graded the subbase. Monitoring and correcting the slope of a paved area ensures that there isn’t any standing water on the completed pavement, saving future owners from expensive asphalt repairs. Next, our experienced crew installed a binder course for structural reinforcement, then applied the surface layer, expertly smoothing and compacting it. Special attention was given to transitions like entrances, ramps, and curbing, ensuring seamless integration of the new pavement. Licensed and insured in WA & OR, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment operated by experienced professionals, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

This comprehensive approach to parking lot paving guarantees durability, longevity, and curb appeal, addressing the property owner’s concerns effectively. With the job completed on schedule and minimal disruption to business operations, the Silverdale business owner commended our dedication, particularly impressed by our attention to detail.

Local Businesses: You Know Who to Call for Asphalt Expertise: Statewide!

There’s a reason why we’re known as the trusted commercial asphalt company in Washington and Oregon. Statewide boasts 37 years of local commercial asphalt expertise, serving Silverdale and surrounding areas in the PNW with unparalleled craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality, timely completion, and thorough site preparation sets us apart.

Experience the difference professional asphalt paving can make for your commercial pavement.

Contact us today to discuss your parking lot paving needs and experience the Statewide difference firsthand.

New Paving in Auburn, WA

Fall/Winter 2021

Fall and winter are great times to get asphalt and concrete work done with quicker scheduling!  Please reach out to our office at 253-630-1956 ( and we will get an estimator out in a couple days for a free estimate.


Start 2021 with a fresh looking parking lot!  Please call and we can come out and give you a free estimate for cleaning, asphalt, seal coating, concrete, and curbing!  Free estimates. Call Sarah 253-630-1956.

It’s time for CURBSIDE PICK-UP!

This is what were doing at all Kimco properties to keep their retail stores making money!  Call us to get you retail parking lot ready for some business!

We’re working!

We hope you and your families are staying safe during these times.  After a break to keep our employees safe, Statewide is back at work while keeping our team and customers safe. Please call or email us for a free bid on any commercial parking lots or residential driveways!  Since many of us are home, it is a great time to look at a new driveway!  Many retails stores and restaurants are now doing curbside service, we are well versed on bollards, posts, banners, signs and striping to direct customers and avoid confusion when taking part in curbside pick-ups. Please email or call 253-630-1956.

Free Estimates

Call us to get your free estimate for this year or next years work!  Our estimators will come and do an evaluation on your parking lot or driveway and come up with a plan for your property. Now is the time!


Statewide is hiring crew members with asphalt experience and CDL drivers!  We offer excellent pay and benefits.  Please call or text 253-219-3152.

We are an equal opportunity employer. 

Spring 2019

Time to start thinking about refreshing your parking lot!  Seal coating and striping is a great way to update your commercial parking lot.  We can handle it; big or small.

We welcome Eastside jobs!

We do a lot of work on the Eastside. We will come and do a walk-thru and follow up with a free estimate with no obligation for any parking lot or driveway repairs!  Seal coating, asphalt repairs, new asphalt, parking lot cleaning, striping, concrete, etc.

Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and surrounding areas; Call us for a free walk-thru and estimate!