Project: Asphalt Repair Seattle WA – A Roadway Project at University of Washington

A project called, “Asphalt Repair Seattle WA:  A Roadway Project at University of Washington,” was successfully completed by Statewide Parking Lot Services.  This commercial paving company, was contacted by the University of Washington to perform asphalt prep and install new asphalt for a new roadway near one of their Seattle, WA facilities.  The company worked with the UW facility management team before, so the University knew that by calling Statewide, they’d get a beautiful new asphalt roadway on their property.

After a consultation with the UW client, the company started the asphalt repair project. The roadway paving process began.  The highly skilled professionals started with site preparation which included grading and excavation.  They then installed a solid base layer of aggregate materials.  The team applied a layer of hot liquid asphalt binding the pavement materials together. They then placed a layer of dense-graded asphalt, which is compacted, to form a smooth and uniform surface. Finally, the team finished the pavement by applying a seal coat to protect it from the elements.

The team efficiently tackled the project using these steps, providing a high-quality, durable, aesthetically pleasing roadway that the client highly appreciated. Ultimately, the University of Washington was pleased with the results, stating, “Great work on this project! It’s a huge upgrade, and we really appreciate it!”

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