Asphalt Repair and Home Sport Court Construction Offered to Spokane, WA

Statewide Parking Lot Services is pleased to announce that we are expanding our services to Spokane, Washington. We have been delivering quality asphalt work to the Pacific Northwest for 37 years. If you are in Spokane and in need of Home Sport Court Construction please give us a call at (253) 630-1956 or visit our website and fill out our Contact Form. Spokane, we offer three different types of home sport court construction. First, we can give your existing court a facelift. We patch up the cracks, reseal the surface and repaint so your court looks like new. Second, we can resurface the court with a 2″ layer of new asphalt and paint everything anew. Third, we can build you a brand new court by clearing the area, compacting the soil, providing drainage and then paving and painting your beautiful new court. If you live in Spokane and have always wanted your own private sporting area, our home sport court construction services can meet all your sporting needs. Contact us today for your free estimate!